Cad file - Assistance

Hey need someone help

I want to adjust this attached file, I want to reduce and frame to fit on 12' x 12' sheet so I can cut on the laser cutter at the hive. ( I know the laser can cut larger sizes, but I have already pre bought 12' x 12' sheet

On the file you should see four plate structures, the 2 larger plates are for the top and bottom which will be attached to each other using standoffs so the hole must be aligned. The other 2 are side plates, if you look closely they have notches allowing it to fit between the top and bottom plates side slots.

I know it might be not possible to fit all four plates on one sheet. So the other option could be to have the top and side plate on one sheet and the bottom and side plate on another sheet.

If the canvas on the 12 x 12 is not fully used I have some other part plates I could add so I don't waste material. ( please advise)

Again thank you for you help


Quad Frame (mm).dwg (41.7 KB)

I have AutoCAD 2010 and DraftSight (free 2D program from the makers of SolidWorks) and couldn’t open it in either. I converted it to AutoCAD 2000 using Autodesk’s TrueView program and attached it so that more people will be able to help you.


Quad Frame (mm) ACAD2000.dwg (186 KB)

Thanks Ian

(yikes) thanks for converting the file for me so everyone can help. Stupid me save it as an AutoCad 2013 .dwg