Cad classes interest

All, as I mentioned at the previous meeting, I'm would like to spend some time each month teaching cad (solidworks) at the maker space.

Right now this is pretty open ended, but I'd like to get some feedback and interest on the idea.

Basic structure concept :
Every other Saturday at 12
3 slots (unless you have your own copy)
2 hours
Bring something to model.

We'll go through basic modelling work flow, model navigation, familiarization of features, and then I'll be there to provide advice and help you model with the remaining time.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?


Experience level?

That was exactly my question. I have a good experience into Solidedge if possible I would like to learn how to use Solidworks.
I have already been to classes with an audience with a wide experience level, it is really not a good idea.

If there will be a intermediate level class, I will be attending.


That's a very good point. Perhaps I can make it beginner one week, and intermediate the next.

Really it can be tailored specifically to whoever signs up. If you are interested, if you let me know and what your cad experience level is, we can group it up that way.

Again, I do want to make sure that each class is only about 3 people max. Any further and it is not conducive to hands on learning in the cad room.

Would anyone be interested this Saturday?

Great idea and I bet a lot of people could benefit from it!

It’s unfortunately bad timing for me with the baby due in the next couple weeks. Otherwise I’d offer to come help with the class as I use SolidWorks daily as a mechanical engineer. I just can’t commit to being there for a while. Keep the email list updated with class times and I’ll try to make one here or there to be a helper.
I also agree on making sure people have similar experience levels… we have similar frustrations any time we go to training for new or seldom used SolidWorks features like Motion or Simulation. When one person lags behind the others, everyone suffers. I think a beginner and intermediate classes would be a great way to start.


I would love to. I have solidworks from work.

Pressed send too soon. I'm definitely a beginner, I don't really use it in my daily routine.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Any chance on using a free bit o’ software? (FreeCAD or 123D Design, e.g.) Not all of us have access to Solidworks.



Well, we do at the hive. :wink: I should spend some time though and get familiar with what free cad can do… But in my opinion the hassle of using the hive copy is well with the features.

I like this idea, Though I’m roadtripping to Columbus during the day this saturday. I know zilch about Solidworks, so I would be a complete newbie.


I think the biggest hurdle is learning the fundamentals of CAD modelling. Whatever software you use doesn’t matter as much as understanding the core concepts. Jim should teach in the software he’s most comfortable with and people who learn the basics from him can take those concepts to most any other modern 3D CAD software. You’ll just need to learn how to access the commands you learned from Jim on your particular software.


I have already used FreeCAD many times. It is a good software but it still has much less features than Solidworks/Solidedge. each of this modern CAD software have common commands but also special features that make them unreplaceable. FreeCAD definitively can’t do the same thing that CATIA could do.

I still think that a intermediate class is needed for learning how solidworks works.