CAC Art Show "Craft Night" - They wanted "some burning man stuff"?

I forgot who I talked to about this, but can you please forward the info you have? I’d like to put together a proposal for a group project. As you know I travel 75% for work, so I am not around much. I would like to break this project down into small workable pieces and present it as a hive13 art project, not just my stuff.

I have concept/sketch artwork. Basically a big ass cube with the same intricate symetrical design on each side, high power omni directional light in the middle, ala this:

A few twists: programmable lighting, obviously. Sound reactivity ala my flower of life (reference: and the LED project that Shaddox worked on. Both do the same basic thing at a block diagram level: Output of an FFT (frequency bins) is fed into a process that translates those sound values to color values arbitrarily. Following this design pattern, the cube is aware of it’s environment. Add on software features from there. Will definitely need a microphone with high dynamic range and volume normalization… I faced some issues with the flower of life where if the environment is too loud or too quiet, the effect doesn’t quite work. These are simply design constraints and considerations.

Anybody wanna help me with this? Shaddox?

Cool project! How are you thinking of making the physical box? Hand cut, laser cut, etc?


For a cube, laser cut. Just need a pattern I can make out of multiple 12x12 panels, I think that’s about the biggest square the laser can handle