Cable Pulling Party - Saturday August 29. Noon.

Calling ladder climbers to a Cable Pulling Party - Saturday August 29. Noon.

Saturday we can finish off Panel Z for the bathrooms, kitchen, and front of the space. Yahoo - It’s almost done. We may also get to pulling some CAT6 Ethernet cable too.

Please let us know if you can come and help get this done.

Dave Velzy

If it helps I could bring a couple sections of scaffolding. 5 ft tall so if the ceilings aren’t at least 12 feet headroom may be a problem. I don’t have casters onley leveling jacks. The work platform is 5x7.

Let me know

We have the appropriate ladders to finish the work. It’s ladder climbing people that we need. Preferably someone under the age of 60.


ok Dave. I just got the scaffolding which is why it wasn’t offered earlier. Not even sure if it would have ever been appropriate.

I will be there and still am on the low side of 60 by a few years. Also I don’t have much of a problem with ladders if they’re rated for me (300 lb).

I will be there Saturday to assist!