C programming help needed (for micro)

Hey all,

I've got an annoying bug and I would appreciate somebody looking it over. The library I'm using is not within my paradigm and I don't know what I'm looking for. Anybody willing to look it over with me?

It's a PS2 to Bluetooth HID device. I'm using arduino Leonardo / micro and BT LE.

Everything works perfectly except shift key send some sorta weird thing. There's a simple line somewhere that needs to be changed, but I need someone with a better eye for C than I.

Is there an old school break-point debug tool / dec environment for arduino? Can I go into the assembler? I know which bits of the HID stream need to be pushed / popped, but don't know what C code is doing this... Arhhhhggggg!


If you’re talking AVRGCC, I have a ton of experience with it. I’m about to make breakfast with the kiddos but I’ll give you a shout after.

Yep AVRGCC. Driving me nuts. Going to switch to something else and head up to Hive for a change of scenery.

I’ll be up for a few hours. Hit me on cell or gchat.

There sort of is a breakpoint debugger for Arduino. There is a plug-in for Visual Studio called visual micro.

It works with the free community version of visual studio and it's a free plug-in with some other features but with a 45 day trial of the pro version which costs $29 & $75 for a single license for personal and business use respectively.

I like it and would split a 3 pack of license if someone else is interested.

It is a bit strange though. Changing breakpoints requires you to recompile and reload. More info at http://www.visualmicro.com/page/Debugging-for-Arduino.aspx

Also I imagine Dave B has already helped and he's more experienced than I am but let me know if you want me to take a look. One of my oft-delayed projects was about converting usb HID to BT HID so I'd like to see what you're doing if possible.

This also reminded me I want to buy an Inputstick to go the other way: http://inputstick.com/index.php/en/