BYLAWS VOTE: Updated, Refined, and Lawyer Reviewed Bylaws Changes

The leadership team this year, and in particular Dave Velzy, has spent substantial time and effort this year discussing and refining our bylaws to be clearer, more concise, and to reflect the way in which Hive13 operates. Dave Velzy cannot be thanked enough for leading this charge, including having the bylaws, and all proposed changes reviewed by a team of lawyers through the Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio.

The legal review brought many minor changes to the bylaws, making them clearer and consistent with legal standards. In addition to the minor changes, the following notable changes were made:

  • The separate membership and warden addendums have been combined into the bylaws.
  • Member rights added a linked complementary ‘family’ membership. This ratifies and makes public a long standing Hive13 practice.
  • Assured the bylaws comply with US and Ohio law.
  • Require the support of five (5) members to propose a bylaw revision. In July 2019 there were fifteen often conflicting revisions submitted. We feel a speed bump is warranted.

The current bylaws can be found here:

The proposed changes can be found here:

These changes are presented for vote by unanimous endorsement by the current Board of Directors and Elected Officers. The changes will be up for vote alongside this year’s leadership elections for the Annual Meeting. We hope you will vote to enact the change.

Thank You,

Kevin McLeod

Hive13 Secretary

The amount of effort put into this by Dave and Leadership cannot be stressed enough. Those not on leadership that attended the board meetings can attest to the time and energy put forth to debate both the original intent plus the current membership ideals versus the legal interpretation of what was written.

I feel it is the strength and diversity of opinions of the board members coupled with an environment that invited differing opinions and honest discussion of them that enabled us to complete this. I also feel this is the reason that the final version was unanimously supported by leadership.

Will B
Hive13 President