Bylaw/ general voting question

What bylaw handles general voting for our typical weekly votes?

The only section in the bylaws regarding votes state quorum is needed. Which is at least 50% of all members.

If I am missing a section that allows how we currently vote, can someone point that out to me? If I cant find something, or have something pointed out to me, I’ll be happy to try and write up a clearer voting section.

Daniel, we discussed this at the board meeting last night. We have actually discussed this in the past several board meetings. The bylaws are somewhat unclear on this topic, based on interpretation. We have a draft of the policy and one of the board members will be posting it soon for membership review.

You can feel free to write your own proposal, or wait for the one that the board has worked on together.

I’m glad you are at least getting engaged on the mailing list, but your effort might be more useful if you were to attend any of the board meetings as other members have done.

Will, was that statement really necessary? Feels more like a jab than a productive statement. Just to be clear, this hasnt been listed as discussed in the board notes for the “past several board meetings.” If what you said is accurate then there’s a good chance the board meeting notes are wrong. This should be a fairly large concern for the organization. But that itself is a different conversation.

Also while multiple members can work on bylaw changes, it’s not a direct responsibility of the board/officer to do so. I recommend making sure that it’s clear when posted this for clarification. Your statement while speaking as a board member (or stating it was drafted by the board) can indirectly effect the vote, which I wouldn’t think would be a good thing.

I will work on a bylaw update to vote on to follow our current practice. Because that unclear statement can lead to a whole lot of headache if anyone decides to challenge the wording in the future.

Nothing says that a board member cannot express their opinion on a bylaw change.

Will was nothing but polite in his response, he deserves the same courtesy from you.

same team, everyone. Same team.

Paul I didnt specify a board member cant request bylaw changes. But Will states it was talked about in a board meeting and another board member will be posting this. There is a potential legal distinction from Will, member of hive13 and Will, board of directors stating things. I recommended to have that clarified. That’s it. As one is a representative of the organization and the other is a member of the organization.

Regarding him responding politely or not, I’ll just disagree with you saying he “was nothing but polite” and move on.