Button Maker Vote

hello friends!!

so i was pondering the other day (today) why, for all my time at the Hive, we didn’t have a Hive button maker. so!! i propose that we buy one, specifically the multimaker 2.25" from buttonmakers.net.

why the multimaker?? why this brand??

i’m glad you asked!!
i want to get the multimaker because we can swap out the inserts for various button sizes. i want to use buttonmakers because they’re well reviewed (but with a total of like ~21 5 star reviews) and are very responsive.

what does this include??
the multimaker 4000 kit comes with

the shipping to my place is $19.30 so the base cost for us would be $418.30. in the future, we can buy more attachments to press other sizes and more materials are readily accessible. once it is in stock, i will place the order with your support!! hopefully!!

hey, thanks.


I think a button press just makes sense for any makerspace, and I need some hive logo buttons for reasonsb

Yes please!


I vote YES. (Is there an email vote somewhere that I missed?)

casketcase’s original message went to spam folder for me

Definitely YES!


mega yes!!!!



John O