Bulk Metal Order

Hivers -

I intend to place an order with American Metal Supply sometime tomorrow. I will replenish my stock of 18ga hot-rolled square tube of the style used in the power tool drag racer, and additionally procure various sizes of 1/8" angle iron.

As usual, I’m going to order significantly more than I need for my current project in order to have stock on hand as demand arises. Small quantities will be available for resale, with prices posted in the metal room.

If anyone is in need of larger quantities or different material and would like to defray delivery cost by sharing a truck, please let me know. I can add items to the quote request tomorrow, and then confirm prices with the requestor(s) before placing the final order


  • Ry

If you want to check prices on whatever chromoly 1in. Tube he has for doing structural work on the kart so the thicker the better or if it’s standard I can triangulate it more but I’m waiting to hear back from the other metal guy that might donate it or some. Looking for whatever he can cut the best deal on , bang for buck. Most likely going to need roughly 40 feet for main frame, steering components and replacement parts to bring. Also if the hive wants to buy some as well for stands, projects at the hive, etc. I will make sure to use it for improvements as well. I won’t be able to get to the meeting likely tomorrow night I am going to try my best but if you could bring that up for me thank you.

I’ll actually need both angle and square tube for my project. Just throw in another length of each for me. (10 or 12 feet, whatever standard length they do). The square tube is just 1/8" mild steel too? Regardless, I’m not picky - whatever you’re getting…

Lorin -

Standard length is 20 or 25 feet, depending on shape. American metals can cut to length, but I don’t generally bother since we have bandsaws and a loading dock. Do you require a particular size of angle iron? (width, not thickness)

I will be ordering 18ga square tube as mentioned in the initial email. I also have somewhere between 150 and 200 feet of 16ga red oxide coated tube already at the hive. These are 1/20" and 1/16" thick respectively. Both are still quite sturdy.

If it is of interest, there is a decent steel gauge chart available at https://www.tedpella.com/company_html/gauge.htm

By way of example, the stand holding the dust collector aloft in the wood shop is the 16ga red oxide coated tube, and as mentioned previously, the power tool drag racer frame was made of the thinner 18ga stock. 1/8" thick material would be 11ga. You may find this to be overkill depending on your application. I found that even 16ga tube was unreasonably heavy for my furniture projects. What do you have in mind? I may be able to provide better recommendations if I understand the project.

  • Ry

I’m looking at 1/8 _ 11ga for the go cart for my niece and nephew so if your going for something to hold an extra extra extra large kid like myself that is good stuff. But if your looking lighter duty definitely look to the 16 or 18 because the weight gets up there real fast lol

I’m familiar with guages, just misread 18 for 1/8. 18 would be fine (so would 16ga). Need to make a 3 foot square podium and some bracketing for mounting some motors and a menacing sphere. I can use whatever. Just get some extra for me and I’ll pay you :). That would be 22 ft. of tube, but I’m sure to F up the welding, melt it and swear a lot – so how about 40ft?

As far as angle goes, I just need a couple of feet. Anything from .5" to 2" range is fine. Not of cosmetic or strategic importance…


We took delivery of an order of steel tube and angle iron this morning. It’s in the center aisle until I have a chance to cut it down for storage.

The steel has a light coating of oil to prevent rust, so please don’t use it to practice your balance beam walking skills.

  • Ry