Building Supply Contractor Accounts

Does anyone have existing contractor accounts at local building supply stores? As we get our Bill of Materials fleshed out for the buildout of the new space, it would be much easier if we could use existing business accounts to get quotes and buy material.


Kevin M.

I have a pro account at Home Depot. They need an order over $1500 to take through their bid process. Discounts have ranged from 5 to 15 pct.

I have Richard’s Electric, but it’s not anything serious in terms of discount. Richard’s generally puts a killing on home depot/lowes for anything electrical, though.

You can probably get stuff with no sales tax with proper IRS non-profit documentation. I’ve done it with Orienteering Cincinnati (OCIN) at Lowes, Home Depot, and MicroCenter. There are hoops, but it’s worth it if you’re planning to buy a lot. Does the Hive have an IRS Determination Letter? (OCIN had to go through an $800 fee thing with a scary form to the IRS to get the IRS 501c3 status “determination” letter.


We do have tax-exempt status and all the necessary paperwork.

Get a list together for me and ill send it out to my different vendors for pricing and ill attach it.
What brand of breakers are in place at the new site?
I can get great pricing but I need to pay cash.
Plumbers supply
Graybar electric
F.D. Lawrence
Winn- everything
You name it.