Building a Hacker Space

I uploaded a (.pdf) file to the group that is about how to build a
hackerspace. It is from a presentation given by the guys who started
the Chaos Computer Club. We don't necessarily have to follow
everything in it, but I thought it was really helpful.

It is a set of design patterns for hackerspaces and it includes
several pages about getting off the ground. Relevant patterns would
include "The Critical Mass Pattern" and "The Tuesday Pattern" among
others. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also, big thanks to chris for creating this Google Group and bringing
people together!


thanks dave. i have been over this document a number of times, as
well as the hacker space presentation from the last hope.

i am having trouble locating the video online (other than a bunch of
unseeded torrents), but here is the audio:

i have the vid so maybe i can show it at the next cinci2600.

in my opinion, the main obstacle for a hackerspace in cincinnati is
population. cincinnati just isn't the size of san francisco or new
york, or even columbus, so we need to get people involved who are not
your typical hacker/maker types. this is why i am starting local
groups like dorkbot and free culture and i am looking to "infiltrate"
already existing groups.

my master plan is to start with people like me (geeks/hackers) expand
our collective circles of friends (small world networks style) to
include more and more people who are less and less like me/us. since
those are probably going to be the people who can help us the most, at
some point we are going to have to include non-hacker types like
tradespeople and artisans, as well as artists, musicians and

so if you know of, are part of, or want help starting a group of
people that is interested in getting together in the real world to
work on and share stuff, let me know so we can assimilate them :slight_smile:

there were a few things that inspired me to get started:
1) i watched a video at defcon last year called "hackers are people
too" and one of the things it featured was hackerspaces and the
volunteer stuff that some of the hackers do.

2) last summer i read "someone comes to town, someone leaves town"
by cory doctorow and in the book there is a guy who runs a shop that
recycles and resells electronics. he has the local street kids
dumpster dive for raw materials. he wants to build a municipal wifi
network to cover his neighborhood and doesn't succeed until he gets
his whole neighborhood involved in the effort.

3) i met some folks from "hackers for charity" and started
volunteering with them. their volunteers offer their technical
services to donors to raise money to help villagers in africa. i am
sure there are people in cincinnati that need that kind of help too.

maybe they will get you or other people fired up. please feel free to
share things that have inspired you.

I've been doing a bit of linkdigging, and found a couple neat things
worth sharing. First, MAKE magazine did a "Show us your shop" on
their blog, and posted the following:

There are lots of good tips and insights there. One in particular
that I found to contain good advise concerning the physical layout and
whatnot is this excellent post:

This first thread is just about ten years old now. I’m curious what happens when I reply to it.


Thanks for giving Hive13 a great start.

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