Build it Together Projects - Pilot Event

I’m doing a pilot build this Friday in a new Build it Together series.!

We’re building a customized work table. This table is the prototype. After we see how it goes, we could do more of these as needed to expand workspace at hive.

One important point:

The goal here is not to save money vs buying, engineer the world’s most amazing table, or solve any specific complex engineering or social problems at hive.

THE GOAL is to LEARN STUFF with other members. In some cases, complete certification on tools. Practice more informally than a “class”, and potentially, improve hive.

It’s also just for fun. I’d like to encourage anyone to come by just to hang out, watch, talk or meet new people.

I’m initiating this series in order to:

Provide more ways for members to learn new skills by “doing” in addition to classes.

Improve hive13 community and facility

Provide paths to learning new tools and certification

In this build you will:

Get better understanding of CAM and CAD (fusion360, vectric, DXF)

Use woodworking

Use Big CNC

Make functional furniture
Assemble with machined joinery and dowel pin construction

Led by:

Lorin Parker

This Friday 3/2/2018

I’ll be there mid-day through evening. Drop in when you can!

P.S. Once again, this is not about the table! It might totally suck and be more expensive than buying one. That’s not the point. It is about doing something as a community learning something, and making something practical. Also, it is free, and in this pilot event, I am assuming the cost of materials. I’m also keeping the 1st table.

I’ll try to come by around noon.


Cool that’s when I’ll be rolling in. I’d be grateful to compare notes on the CNC with you.

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I’ll try to come by around noon.


sounds good!

I insist that we paint the table blue.

  • Ry

Feeling kinda blue?