BUILD DAY: New Work Tables - Saturday. January 26th, 2019, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

I’d like to get a start welding up the frames for the new work tables this weekend. I’m thinking Saturday. January 26th, 2019, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The build day will have several tasks for people to work on (not necessarily listed in order):

  1. Cut remaining parts from tube stock
  2. Build Jigs for tacking sections together square (my plan is to tack up the top frames and bottom frames of each table flat, then connect them with the leg sections before locking it into square with the angle braces and finishing out all the welds)
  3. Welding frames together (Tack sections, verify square, then final weld full assembly)
  4. prepping and painting tubes/frames
  5. drill weld vent holes and table top mounting holes in frame tubes

With five tables to build, there should be enough work for however many people as show up. I’ll be bringing my small 110v MIG welder in so the welder isn’t a bottleneck. If anyone owns welding curtains/dividers it would be very helpful to have them so we can keep people’s eyes safe with multiple welders going.

I look forward to working on this with everyone, see you Saturday!


Kevin M.
Woodworking Warden

Please let me know if you will be able to come in tomorrow too help with the build! this is a great opportunity to get a bit of experience welding if you are new to it, and we could use help from anyone who feels like showing up.



I plan on coming for the build.

Im definitely coming tomorrow!! Im looking to be a learning sponge about welding amd metal fabrication!!

Joe Pomeroy

I will try and come out in the afternoon.

I’m planning to be there for a while before and early, working on the surface grinder and then helping and learning on the table welding work.


I can come down & help for part of the day. Should I bring my TIG machine?

Hey If you are coming to the table build here are some tips.

Basic Welding Safety Rules

· ALWAYS wear a proper face shield.

· ALWAYS wear close-toed Leather shoes. Weld splatter can burn through a sneaker in a second.

· ALWAYS wear a long-sleeved, non-flammable cotton or wool shirt and pants. Synthetics melt or catch fire.

· ALWAYS wear proper welding gloves.

· ALWAYS wear ear protection (earplugs or muffs) to prevent sparks from entering your ear canal. An eardrum punctured by a spark will instantly cauterize and never heal.

· If you burn yourself, immediately douse with cold water: seconds count!

· ALWAYS Use the Exhaust Snorkel. Turn on the Fan. Weld fumes contain nasty metal oxides.

· Light from a weld arc is brighter than the sun. Cover all bare skin, including cuff and collar areas. UV burns from an arc are MUCH worse than a sunburn.

I don't know that another TIG will help too much, but if anyone has welding curtains or dividers that would be very helpful in letting multiple people work simultaneously.

Thanks everyone who plans to come!

What size wood should i bring for the lathe?!?
Joe Pomeroy