Bronze casting

Does anyone have experience with bronze casting? I would love to get into it but not sure where to start.

I know a little bit about it from jewelry work, more along the lines of silver casting, Though my actual hands on has been a few pot metal low temp stuff many years ago…
Bronze is heavy enough that you can usually get good gravity casts and not have to do a sling/spin thing. Are you thinking about a single item or multiples?

(gravity cast = the weight of the melted metal is enough that it usually will fill the mold properly without any additional help. Sling/spin casting uses centripetal force to help the molten metal really ‘push’ into the mold and fill it properly - think of swinging around a bucket with some water in it… if you go fast enough there is enough force to hold the water in the bottom of the bucket even if it swings out sideways or even upside down.

You can find a lot of information about it online, and in books. the same techniques for casting apply to a lot of materials… Candles, Resins etc, it’s just the temperatures and chemicals involved… Your experience with makeup prosthesis will help.

For a book I consider the definitive book to be Creative Casting by Sharr Choate. You can get it at amazon for about the price of shipping it.