BROKEN - Big Laser

The big laser is down.

I'm so incredibly sorry to everyone and so upset with my self.

I was cutting out some letters using the gray plastic watched the laser run for a minute and waled into the wood shop to run 5 boards through the sander. I walked back into the fab lab to find the plastic had caught fire!
Scrambling to find the extinguisher, I ran to the kitchen grabbed it and ran back and put out the fire.

I'll be at the meeting tomorrow to clarify the story and help with anything I possibly can. I look forward to cleaning the laser and working closely with Dave to rehab it and get it back up and running as soon as possible.

Again, I'm terribly sorry for this accident. I hope you all can understand that I did not mean to do this on purpose and that you do not crucify me.

Pictures to follow.


First (and most important) question is; Is everyone OK?

As long as no one was injured/killed, we can work through everything else.

I don’t think there will be any crucifixions, probably just a lot of cleanup. :grinning:

Ironically, I just purchased a CO2 extinguisher that I mounted to the column behind the laser. I blame myself for not pushing out the installation better.

I do think we should review/refresh the safety stuff a bit more. Perhaps a refresher on the dangerous equipment (lasers, CNC, lathe, etc.). I’m happy to help with anything.

Thanks for letting us know, and glad you are OK.

Brad “ex-president” Walsh

It may be worth plumbing some hard lines for CO2 into the laser with a big red button to flood the case with CO2. We could even use an arduino to make it hive worthy. There are air solenoids in the big donation pile.

Oh heh, I didn't see this email until now and proposed this myself on Slack. Great Dave's think alike!

Team Dave will rule over all minions including team Chris and the unified forces of team Jon and team John.