Bring OBD2 scanner tonight?

Would anyone mind bringing an OBD2 scanner to the meeting tonight for me to check a code? I can’t find my OBD2 Bluetooth dongle anywhere and won’t have time to stop at an auto parts store between work, the eye doctor, and then the Hive.

I have the Torque Android app so either a bluetooth dongle or a regular all-in-one scanner would work fine.


Yeah I can bring mine

Thanks, Craig. See you tonight.

On a side note whats a good one those if one was looking to get something along that lines 0=) have a Prius 2007 had issues with recently though ended up taking it to Toyota had 285 error’s … solved by more Gas lmao

Guess it was to cold and the low gas caused a cascade crash or something weird ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Craig, I found it. It’s probably too late, but I don’t need you to bring it.