Hi All!
So I am looking to take my brewing to the next level by fabricating a single tiered brewstand. I have found a guy on craigslist that is selling 1"x1"x1/4" 20’ lengths of angle iron and will be picking some up next week. He has about 20 sticks left, and is asking 15$ per stick. I will likely be getting around 6 myself and wanted to see if anyone else is interested in getting some for their own projects? Also, I may be in need of a truck to transport them - would anyone be willing to let me borrow their truck? I will make sure the fuel I use gets replaced! Finally, I am getting ready to purchase other necessary elements for the brewstand and wanted to see if anyone has it before making the purchase. So I am looking for a burner (like from a turkey fryer) and a gas regulator. If you have a burner or regulator that you are looking to get rid of cheap or free let me know, I would love to take it off your hands!

Lastly - I will be working on welding the frame together a lot at the hive and, while I have welded before, I can’t say I’m a great welder. Any tips and tricks are appreciated!

Tiffany, definitely let me know when you plan to work on it, as I’d love to be there to help and learn. I have the same vision for our setup at home.

Also, I’m sure I can get you in touch with some guys in the Bloatarians who have extra burners they’d give you. Unfortunately, we’re gonna be out of town during the next meeting, Friday the 14th. I’ll email my buddy, Jeff, and see what he’s got. He loves to scour the early morning weekend flea markets.


You can borrow my truck. It has an 8ft bed but not a 20’ bed. I don’t drive it more than 1-2 days a week usually so I’m sure I can help you with that much.

I have a propane burner that I use occasionally that you can borrow for a long time. I’m getting ready to move and it’s one less thing to pack. I can just buy another one later. You can pay me in beer lol.

I can help you with the welding too. I’m no ninja but I can hold my own.

You’ve got my number.