Brewing Weekend

I believe that there are some brewers among us. I and Matt Sprinsky are planning on brewing at least 3 batches of beer this weekend on Saturday. We can use all the skilled help we can get. The idea is to keg the beer for the fundraiser party. Give me a reply here and we’ll work out start times etc.


I’d be down for this, but I won’t be leaving work till 6:30.

I’m planning on making a Listermann’s run on Saturday Morning. 3 batches of partial mash are going to take some serious time. Nauseaboy I know you are a brewer as is Matt. Are you both of you working on Sunday? Perhapes we can move the brew date to there?

Tonight I’ll be doing the Mise en place for the brewing. Getting grain and hop bags ready. If anyone has any spare thermometers I could use a couple. I only have one. I’m going to pick up extra airlocks and such tomorrow morning at 10am. Listermanns is the local supply store.I used to be feuding with them but they’ve shaped up a lot so I’m going back to them for supplies these days. Please let me know if you can show up. I know Matt will be there. Nauseaboy, I’m not sure how much is going to be left to do after 6:30 but you are welcome to come on by and ooo and ahhh at the new baby beers.