Breakers and electrical overloads

We have been tripping a lot of breakers lately - everywhere due to air conditioners and other 120 VAC equipment being used simultaneously.

In the electronics area, I have had to reset the breaker EVERY DAY. This whole area is on a small half breaker (10amp?). Fridge and AC get us close to overload, and just turning on lights, soldering irons, etc, must trip it.

Do we have a map of which outlets are on which breakers?

I think we need to redistribute. We also may want to think, long term, about more circuits… However, for now, we can solve the problem by simply distributing the load between circuits, but I don’t know which outlets are on which circuits…


The outlets are labeled

Thanks Tiffany, I’ll start there.

However, do we have a document with amperage, voltage, etc per circuit? A schematic?

I don’t think so – I believe the closest I got was a spreadsheet with grid locations and which breakers and outlets were in which grid spots.

It’s in my google drive – I’ll share it with you tomorrow afternoon.


Look on the wiki. There is a full map with every outlet listed with breaker.

I am planning on doing a vote to fix the wiring some time in July.