Brazing/tacking help

My exhaust tip for my Civic came loose a few days ago.
I was able to chip off the rusted bolt but it appears that the holding nut dissolved also.
I scrounged up a nut and bolt but I need some help to braze/tack the nut onto the bracket.
Will anyone with that skill be around the Hive this weekend?



Give me a call Brad, 513-478-4858

I can rebuild the meta weld it and coat it with a ceramic, we also need to look if you have a drain hole by the tip where condensation or rain water collects and rots it from the inside out. I’ll even be at the hive later tonight however am leaving after Christmas to see family in the obx

Thanks for your help.

If you can wait a week or two I’ll definitely reweld it all up for you just grab whatever hardware you would like.