Bray Entertainment Casting


Bray Entertainment, the Co-Creators of Pawn Stars, is casting and developing a Documentary TV Series with the working title American Makers for a major cable network. We are looking to cast the key makers for the show. Each episode would highlight creations made by individual makers.

We are also looking to get some diverse cast members involved in the show and I wanted to see if you knew any women makers or makers of varying ethnicities. If you do, feel free to send along names/contact information.

We are in a time crunch from the network and we are operating around tight deadlines. If you want to be considered for the show we are simply asking for a short casting video.

Website to submit a casting video -

Step 1: Add file - add your video
Step 2: Enter this email address -
Step 3: Enter your email Address
Step 4: Type your message - Tell us your location, your name, and your company’s name
Step 5: Click Transfer

Another option for submitting a video is to shoot it and then upload it to YouTube. Just make sure you upload it as unlisted and send me the link.

Please answer these questions in the video and sell us in the first 5 seconds -
What is your full name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
What does being a maker mean to you?
What is you favorite thing about making?
Tell us something that the person behind the camera wouldn’t know about you.
What is your favorite thing you’ve made?
Why would you be perfect for the show?

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the people you work with! Be creative, show us a lot of energy and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Some Do’s and Don’ts of making a video:

  • Please have someone else hold the camera for you. Do not hold the camera yourself.

  • If you are filming with an iphone, film with the phone horizontally.

  • Make sure to film in a well lit area

  • Please do not film with any music or edit with any music

  • Also, stand-up in the video. When you sit, the shot can look static and uneventful.

Please only send us files in .mov or .mp4
The video file can be no larger than 2 GB to fit on wetransfer
We can not view your video otherwise. If this is a problem, please call me/email and let me know.

Please submit video by July 1st at noon ET
Watch the video before submission