Brain Machines and Mouser order

I’m going to make a few brain machines as Christmas presents this year. I’ve done this before, they either make great presents or terrible ones, depending on whether they give the recipients headaches.

But this time I’ve just got people who have asked me for them in mind so the ratio of great/terrible should be much more favorable.

These are the terribly relaxing/seizure inducing glasses John talked about and demoed last year in his neuro-hacking talk. I love mine.

Anyway, I got a bit carried away with “how many boards can I squeeze into this order and still be able to cut them apart” and 50 are on their way. About 45 more than I need.

I’m going to be ordering the components I need from mouser in a few days. If anyone is interested in this project I be happy to order more. It works out to be about $5 each, though you have to find a pair of glasses to sacrifice. I get mine from the dollar store.

Conversely, if anyone has anything ELSE they would like from mouser and don’t need it right away, I’ll add it and save some shipping. I may be making this order as early as Sunday evening or Monday morning. If you want more than a couple items I ask that you export your shopping cart as a project so I can more easily add it to my order.

I’ll be needing some things for my guitar tuner and/or metronome. I’ll try to compile a list later this evening.

Actually, the only thing I might need to order is a single ATMega 328, but I could pull one from an arduino until I need to place a real order.
I’m having trouble finding a good guitar tuner project.

When I was a kid my dad made me a stroboscopic guitar tuner. You put a bar with a flashing LED under the string. The LED flashed at the frequency of an in tune guitar string so when the string is out of tune it appeared to vibrate. In tune it looks like it’s standing still. Hope that makes sense!

I have a bunch of stuff to order too. I’ll willing to eat shipping, but I’m not going to be back from Baton Rouge till Tuesday.

If you haven’t ordered yet, can you add 5 of 858-P231FD20BR10K (


Marcus, tack on an L293D ( for me.

Ian M

Last call, I’ll click on “checkout” at noon.

I’ll pick up any slack when I get back wed or Thurs…