Bore scope

My borescope mine is lent out to a friend up north and if anyone has one I, can borrow it tomorrow at the meeting? I have to look down a spark plug hole on Wednesday for my neighbor's car. Found a broken lifter and just want to make sure if a valve is the culprit and smacked the piston at all. It doesn't seem bad and looks like mainly due to bearing failure and not the valve itself bending or valve spring failing. But I just want to make sure before throwing a Lifter on it and telling them it's okay to drive away.

You can borrow mine if you come get it. I won’t be back in town until LATE tomorrow night or more realistically Wednesday. I won’t be at meeting, obviously.

I’ll meet you on Wednesday if that is cool buddy, I really really appreciate it I’ll grab you some Camp Washington next time you’re down there with us. Just let me know where you would like to meet midday 2 Evening works best for me if that’s okay with you. If you live by the hive I can even meet you there or meet you wherever you would like

First day back after being gone 9 days… There is no way in hell I will be able to make it down to the Hive Wednesday. I’m going to be swamped catching up with work. You can swing out to the crib and come get it or wait till things calm down enough for me to make it down there - realistically next week.
Shoot me an email off list.

Just let me know what they like me to swing out buddy thank you very much