Bore scope?

I seem to remember someone mentioning having a borescope?
It is a scope camera, right?
Is there any chance of me using it briefly, or you using it to check something for me?

I want to check the fuel port on the inside of my motocycles gas tank.

You can borrow mine if you come over and get it. I would have brought it if you said something. Email / call me.

Thank you! I recently stumbled over this thread on the musclebike forums… apparently my bike does not have a fuel filter (from the factory) The only thing between junk in the gas and my engine is a screen over the fuel tube in the tank…
This concerns me a bit and I want to check if the screen is still intact… That there isn’t an inline filter boggles me - but apparently it is less common with things that don’t have a fuel pump.

If the screen is damaged or gone, I want to know so I can plan on fixing it… When I’ve been out riding I fill up at various gas stations - So there is a chance of ‘dirty’ gas.

This may sound dumb, but I’m assuming that using the scope isn’t difficult? Turn on - stick the camera end in and look at a screen or in a viewfinder?

I don’t know where you live, so let me know and when is a good time… I’ll make a point of running the tank nearly dry before looking.


Also know there are some cheapies out there these days too if you need one more often. I’ve used sub-$100 boroscope with good results and people even report that the $10-$20 ones on eBay work fine for simple stuff (I have not verified, but am curious to know if anyone on the list has tried these). It’s just a USB camera and an LED on a cable, but does the job. I’m sure Dave’s is far better, but FYI.


Bore scopes work good but if it’s been a while drop the pet cock out of the tank replace it and get a drag specialties in line fuel filter. They have an aluminum one you can take apart and service.