Books by the Banks signups


I created a crude signup sheet for the Lear to Solder table at the Books by the Banks event on October 28th.

The event goes from 10:00-4:00.

I’ll get the supplies together and be down at the Cincinnati Convention Center around 9:30 for setup. Should not take too long.

The tear down is just collecting the stuff together in boxes and nursing our wounds. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the responses for the Books by the Banks event this Saturday.
This is a fun event where you can go around and meet some authors and teach folks how to solder.
I’m signed up for the whole day, but any help would be appreciated.


Brad “almost done with events” Walsh

I found this instructable and plan to make a couple for Hive13 use during learn to solder events.


Still time to sign up (or just stop by the Cincinnati Convention Center) for the Learn to Solder booth at the Books by the Banks event.

I’m booked this weekend, (nuk nuk nuk) otherwise I would come down and help out.
I hope it goes well and there are a few people able to stop by for a bit.

I plan to stop by.

I can’t figure out how to add myself on the signup sheet, there’s only two rows.
And I’m on my phone,

Me and morings are not on the best of terms but I’ll try to get down there by 10am, and I’ll stay to the end.
I got the stitches out of my hand today, we will see how well it holds out.

We survived Books by the Banks.
Thanks to Nancy, Mike and Tim for all the help. :grinning:
The crappy $7 irons were dying. (basically the tip dissolves).
The $17 Weller iron worked pretty good. The tip is a bit corroded but still holding its shape.
I think we should order 3 more.
We took in $73 from the donation jars.

I counted the boards and we have 738 remaining. My earlier rough inventory was ~835 so that would say we only did about 100 boards.
We had a solid three people working for most of the event. The first and last hour were pretty light, probably more like two people. If a board averages 5 minutes, with three people we should have been doing 36 per hour. Over four hours we should have done around 144. The two lighter hours were probably another 50 so I’m thinking around 200 boards were created.

I could be wrong about the 5 minutes per board though. I know I had one poor kid that had three duds before we made a good one. So maybe we did in the one hundred range. I think the 835 was a pretty quick count when I was boxing up everything.

Anyway, enough engineer babble. I think it was a lot of fun and we outreached to a lot of people.

Thanks for the detailed update, and to all those who helped on site. This is turning into an even more serious outreach activity for the Hive. Maybe it is time to invest in serious soldering stations for next year?


uh, I probably take longer than 5 min with kids…

sorry we couldn’t make it this weekend - mike was scheduled 6-5 and 6-8, so I was on Oliver duty.