Books by the Banks October 20 2018

I just got this email asking about our possible participation in the Books by the Banks.


I am reaching out on behalf of the Books by the Banks TeenScene committee to see if HIVE13 would be interested in setting up a table again at this year’s festival. The festival is on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 10am – 4pm this year.

I look forward to speaking with you!

Thank you,

Sarah Ryan

Teen Librarian - Deer Park Branch

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

We did Learn to Solder last year and it was fun, but we would need people to help staff the table.

Let’s talk it over.

Just realized that is our open house day.
Not sure if we would want to push the open house to the next week or just not worry about Books by the Banks.



The person running the show was wondering if we could give them an answer soon.

Would we want to move the open house?

Not do the Books by the Banks?

Do both?


If we have gotten no volunteers for Books, I’d say there is not enough interest to make the event happen. I’m open to someone proving me wrong by stepping up for doing the event.

I’d say we pass this year and ask them to contact us as soon as they have a date for next year so we can get it on the calendar earlier.

I could do it. I did it last year and there were a lot of people who specifically stopped by because they’d seen us the year before, so it would be a bummer to miss it.

Last year we had at least two stations going all morning so it would be nice to have a second person there, although I could maybe do a mini version solo if needed.

On an unrelated personal note, I’m sorry I’ve ghosted from the hive the last few months. My wife found out she was pregnant in May and had a brutal first three months nausea-wise so I’ve had much heavier childcare duty. It also forced my dissertation defense to get moved up several months, so between the two my free time went up in smoke.

Anyway, I’m still around and will be getting back over there gradually. Hope everyone is doing well.


I also would like to do it.
How about we shift the open house by a week?

I don’t know if I will be a member again by then or not but I’ll volunteer to help as an instructor.

Shifting the Open House by a week will run it into Halloween. So we will look a lot of interest, and I definitely wont be able to make it.

Managing both events concurrently appears feasible. We have enough volunteers to field an away team, and this is traditionally a harder battle. I can be available on the home front, hopefully with assistance from other interested members, to provide tours and general carnival barker services.


  • Ry

Totally right. Forgot about that.
If we keep the open house but get enough people (sounds like a few have already volunteered) to do the Books by the Banks we can do both.

I’ll tell her yes but the booth may be only staffed by one or two people. (I’ll be the first to volunteer).

Here is a Google sheet to signup.



I can’t edit that gsheet. you can put me down for morning and afternoon.

I think I fixed it. (Had it on view)

Maybe we should push the open house to the 13th of October, since that is also the same day as the Made in Camp thing. Speaking of which, is Hive on the list for the Made in Camp? Might be worth communicating with them to try and see if it can be added. Get more foot traffic in.

I think we are on the “Made in Camp” list. Should be a stop on the circuit. It is basically an open house.

I just signed up on the google sheet for morning and afternoon.


I’m signed up to work the event but I might not be able to work the morning shift after all. Afternoon and cleanup should be fine. Are the enough people to cover me in the morning?

Also - I’m going to be out of town till Thursday so I can’t do this but it would be good for someone to survey the learn to solder stuff ASAP so if there are any missing pieces they can be ordered with Prime to arrive in time for the weekend. I can order anything needed if someone lets me know but I just can’t be there to check on things myself.


We should have enough supplies to take care of the number of boards we have.
I’ll give it a look over Tuesday night, but I don’t think we need to rush order anything.

We do need to do a complete refresh of boards and matching parts in the near future.

I’ll get the boards started with Osh park.


We should think about an order of something like 500 parts (LEDs, holders& batteries) to get a good inventory.

I will be there tomorrow morning. Brad are you bringing the parts or should I stop by and get them? Dave if you are still planning to come for the afternoon that would be good. It looks like I may have to leave around 2:30 or so.

See you there.