Books By The Banks is this Saturday Oct 11


I’ve placed an order for all the parts on Amazon and hopefully everything will get here on time. I’m getting nervous about the shipping estimate for the CR2032 batteries. Anyone know a local source for a large quantity of those?

My list of volunteers right now is:

  • Mike H.

If anyone wants to come down and help teens make LED throwies and talk about how cool Hive13 is, let me know. Our time is just the afternoon, so 1:00p to 4:00p.

Hmm, did I say there will be cool authors there? ( John Scalzi? Jasper Fforde? … I don’t know who cool authors are these days… )

We are allowed to set up the day before (Friday), but I’m thinking our setup will be so simple, that we can probably just get there at 12:00 or something the day of. Meet up at the Hive beforehand.

I have a meeting with the BBTB people tomorrow morning, so I can probably update again tomorrow.

I’m planning to take our banner and some pamphlets. Anything else I should take that’s easy, impressive and/or book related? ( I know, I know, I am really debating bringing the DIYbookscanner. )

See you tonight.


MCM Electronics in Springboro (exit 38 off I-75—38 miles north of the Ohio River) has 5-packs for $2.99, or $2.69 if you buy 10 or more (50+ batteries).

Their will call store is now open (after being closed for 2 years). And these batteries are on the shelf in the store.

They have an extensive selection of Raspberry Pi stuff—they’re related to Newark—part of the same company, I guess.

I’m bringing one of their new catalogs to the meeting tonight.

How many batteries do you need? I usually order them off Amazon Prime:

Some of the stuff with the “prime” logo can be delivered tomorrow.


Yeah, I thought the ones I ordered were Prime, but I must have overlooked something.

I would need like 200. I will keep MCM in mind in case I need to run up there Friday.

I’m tempted to just Prime 200 more and get them ASAP just to be safe, but then I’d have a big pile of them to spare afterwards. I guess we could find something to do with them.


Did you order those batteries from the link I suggested? I was similarly nervous when I ordered them on a tuesday before the mini maker faire, but they arrived by Friday.

If they don’t arrive, I have a large quantity. I don’t know if it is 200, but it’s probably more than 100.

This sounds like something that would have also been good for the learn to solder thing. I guess we should get working on the next batch.

Scalzi! I wish I could be there!

Very good to know about MCM. Thanks for sharing!

I did order from the link you sent and the USPS site is now estimating Friday.

I did get nervous yesterday afternoon and ended up ordering some more with Prime and am expecting those to arrive Thursday.

Then, I had a meeting with the BBtB people this morning and they were like: we have more money, can you get even more stuff?

So I ordered the 500x kit from here: and asked them to overnight it to me.

So, now I’m positively swimming in LED’s and CR2032’s. I’m probably going to order another batch of magnets today too.

BBtB said we can have back whatever stuff doesn’t get used up at the event.


Last call for volunteers. Meet me at Hive13 tomorrow at 12:00p and we can pack up and ride over to the event.

We’ll be doing:

  • 3D printing with the Polar3D
  • building LED throwies
  • making IQ light shapes with lasercut pieces ( and seeing if we can get a silhouette to cut more pieces )
  • talking about Hive13 and how cool it is
  • your thing if you bring it

If you want a shirt and lunch, you have to sign up on a website; let me know and I’ll send you the link.


Shoot me the link in IRC if you would!