Books by the Banks is Oct 11

Here’s the email I’ve bee promising to write about this upcoming event:

Books By The Banks is a book festival on Saturday, Oct 11 from 10a - 4p at the Convention Center. ( )

The people planning the Teen Area of this event asked if Hive13 could help do some “maker things” for their area. I gave them some ideas of what I thought would be possible.

Here’s what they are asking Hive13 to do if we can:

  • have some 3D printers there, someone to run them and talk about them
  • LED throwies, have the parts, show people how to make them
  • IQ lights, have the parts, show people how to make them

The biggest thing is probably the 3D printers. I don’t know enough about what we currently have working and how to run them to be able to pull that off by myself, so I’d need someone ( or two ) to help me with that. Either someone to take ownership of this, or give me enough education to do it.

My next question is about the LED throwies. We’ve done this before, right? Do we still have parts, and can anyone get me a BOM so I can order more parts and/or have the BtB people order the parts? Anyone who’s done this, drop me a line.

IQ lights, I think I can handle. I’ll just need to crank out a bunch of them on the laser and/or the paper cutter. Any help/suggestions welcome.

Overall, a couple of volunteers to be around and represent Hive13 would be great. I think we can teach the basics to the BtB volunteers and they can shoulder a lot of the work. Like I said, the 3D printer thing is something I’ll have to ask someone else to really help me out with.

Hopefully you all are not too burnt out from MakerFaire to do another small event. Hey, if you wanted to volunteer at MakerFaire but didn’t, here’s your chance! If there are enough people interested, we can break it down into shifts since 6 hours is a long time. I think this will be a fairly easy gig compared to MakerFaire.

See you later tonight…



The magnets used in the learn to solder badges are, $0.17 each. 1/2 x 1/16th

One might get away with half as big around,, $0.13 each 1/4 x 1/16. I don’t know how well they would stick.

That reminds me, we didn’t use most of the square magnets at the faire, I’ll return them soon.

The batteries that go with the badges came from ebay, but a US seller who got them to me in a couple of days. It’s key to get this cheapo brand if you want the magnet to stick to the battery. More expensive ones often don’t., $0.15 each.

LEDs are usually cheapest from china on ebay, but then you have to wait, and there may not be enough time to go that route. You would need to decide if you want an assortment of colors or ones with built in blink. The former would be cheaper. You probably also want 5mm leds instead of the 3mm.

That’s it for throwies, right? Maybe a couple of rolls of electrical tape.

Some of the guides I’m reading are suggesting 10mm LEDs but those seem to be quite a bit more expensive than 5mm.

I clicked around and found this site that sells a 500 piece throwies kit which includes 10mm LEDS in a assorted colors plus batteries, which seems convenient and not too expensive.

I probably don’t have time to wait for a shipment from China at this point unfortunately.

Thanks for the tips, Marcus!

Oh, for anyone out there thinking of volunteering: did I mention a free lunch is included?!?


I know how to use 3D printers although I'm not sure I know enough to talk about them with any degree of competence. I am, however,fairly certain I can handle LED throwies. Put me down for at least start till noon. I might stay longer depending on the abundance of coffee in the vicinity.

  - Dark Ian

New information! They actually only need us in the afternoon. So the time would be 1:00pm - 4:00pm if that changes anyone’s mind.

At minimum if I can get up to speed on the Polar3D, that would be good. I’ll be at the meeting next Tuesday if anyone can show me the ropes. Thanks!


Regrettably, that’s going to make it difficult for me to be there. That is basically the middle of the night for me. However if you need any help with preparation leading up to the event I’ll be glad to help.

  • Dark Ian

Note that this kit is LEDs and batteries only, no magnets. That makes the cost (44 cents each) less attractive, though 10mm LEDs are more expensive.

I looked on ebay and as I suspected, there wasn’t much in the way of good deals from domestic suppliers for 10mm leds. Strangely, there is a good deal on RGB LEDs. One could cut two of the leds off to convert them to red, green or blue LEDs.

I will volunteer! I can run the Polar3D or help with whatever as needed. If there are enough other volunteers I will bring the quad robot to demo.

Thanks much, Mike! I will email you again as I know more details.