Boardgame meetups anytime soon?

Hi all, I’m curious if there are any plans for another boardgame meetup in the near future. My buddy and I were interested in playing Go and enjoying the company of like minded people. I asked on reddit and March 30th was mentioned. Is this happening? What time?


Hello Andrew,

I am planning on doing something for the 30th to coincide with international tabletop game day. And by plan, I mean I will post an announcement to the board game meetup list (!forum/greatercincinnatiboardgamemeetups ) and then take a bunch of my games to the Hive on that day.

That’s usually how these things work, we pick a day and time and then bring our games and figure out who wants to play what when we get there.

Have you two played Go before or are you looking to learn the game from scratch?

We've played before. I have a nice set of stones and board.

I have not played Go, I would not mind learning as long as I’m able to get there.

Simple to learn, hard to master.

I’ll aim to come too on the 30th and bring my Go board. I’ve played only a handful of times though.

I will most probably be there, I will plan on bringing a variety of games including Cards Against Humanity with all of the expansions.

we will too, i have a few versions of Fluxx and Ticket to Ride. I’ll also bring Small World, which is a lot of fun.