Board Mounting plate

Any suggestions on a professional looking, but cheap mounting plate option

I bought a waterproof enclosure for a gsm board, power supply and relays to place outside. Since the enclosure comes with little standoff, I want to cut a plate out and mount the boards on it. As you may see in my attached picture I am using plexiglass which is not the best solution for mounting boards any recommends or suggestions.

I thought of garolite g10, but its too expensive. I have no problem buying a large sheet and cutting out the plate to mount in the enclosure.




Maybe just laser cut something out of an opaque acrylic at the Hive? You might be able to find something that closely matches the color of the case.

ABS plastic is probably the best bet if you're headed for the laser cutter. It's not cheaper than acrylic, but it's much more durable.

If it's of interest, there's a good discussion of the various plastics here. (scroll 3/4 of the way down the page)


Do you know a plastic supplier I can buy sheets from locally


Having cut parts from both, ABS is indeed more durable. Acrylic tends to snap when you over-tighten a nut. But, I think it’s still a fine option for a mounting plate if you use a little caution.

If you are using ABS, plan on letting it air out awhile. The stuff smells after cutting! I have not found anywhere to get ABS locally, but I have bought it from It comes with a pebbly texture on one side. I may have some leftover you could use depending on how big the piece is.



Thanks I have 12 enclosure each measuring inside dia. 12 ins x 9 ins lol so I need a lot material so I am looking a cheap way out ,

Using the laser is not my only choice I have no problem cutting the plate out with saw


Perhaps reaching out to that local place that donated the 3d printer? They might know a local source or be able to supply a small quantity?

I don’t know why you insist on local dealers. Amazon or McMaster can have stuff here next day.

Locally, you might try hobby supply shops since ABS sheet is sometimes used in model making. American Metal Supply in blue ash also reportedly carries plastics, though I haven’t ever inquired about their stock. The other suggestion I hear now and again is US Plastic in Lima.

Thanks Ryan

I Just didnt want to pay for the shipping since each sheet could be 3 ft x 4 ft in length. so I found a local place called Queen City Polymer they are located in west chester OH

They seem to have everything at a fair market price

Since the laws in Jamaica are very rigid when it comes electrical connection I will need approval from the local authorities showing that the mounting plate material in the enclosure is frame resistant etc etc etc so I have decided on using a material called phenolic aka garolite g10/fr4