Board meeting

There will be a board meeting tomorrow (sorry for the late notice) at 7:30pm down at the hive.

Anyone who wants to join is free to come down. Just remember that these are a little different from tuesday meetings in that they are more ordered.

We will at a minimum be discussing hive financials and a little bit about area wardens. I’m sure plenty of other things will come up as well. If you have anything you want discussed feel free to tell me or come to the meeting yourself!


will you have the google hangouts up?

We will have a conference call if you would like to join it. Google hangouts low quality was deemed too terrible to continue using for this.

If you want the number I will send it to you and then tell you want to call it.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to get there tomorrow night, due to being on my own with the child unit. If I’m able, I’ll try to get online during, but failing that I’ll rad the minutes afterwards. Sorry!


PS: I haven’t forgotten my task of fixing the online versions of the bylaws!

Thanks for the heads up Dave. :slight_smile: