Board Meeting Reminder - May 11th, 2015 [Today]

Hey guys, just a reminder that there’s a board meeting tonight starting at 7:30PM. Sorry for not posting the reminder sooner!

  • Brandon

FYI, Jim Dallam is the only board member that might be able to make it. Everyone else has already said they definitely can’t. It may make sense to cancel.
-Dave B.

I’ve sent an email to leadership asking for a consensus to reschedule it for next Monday. If we haven’t reached a consensus by 5PM today, we’ll go ahead and have the meeting. If anyone thinks it better to reschedule to next week, please speak up now and/or reply to the email that was sent.

While I’m normally in favor of holding the board meetings as scheduled even if only a few can attend, I would suggest canceling tonight’s meeting.

Because tornado watch.

  • Ry