Board & Card Games - Sunday, 8/5 @ 12:00 pm

For a little more advanced notice this time, several members are planning on coming down to the hackerspace this Sunday at 12:00 pm to play a variety of board and card games.

Currently available games:

Not sure if I can be there, but I can lend my Arkham Horror collection if people are interested in playing it.

Can’t wait, Jon and I will be there :slight_smile:

i have ticket to ride and small world that i can bring.

Ooohhh please do.

Just a reminder that board games will be happening tomorrow at 12 pm until 5 pm

Thanks gang for the game day had a blast haven’t had that much fun in quiet awhile needed the laugh and company =)

While I was only coincidentally present and not to play board games, this did look like the sort of event that we should repeat.

Agreed, that was so much fun!!!