Board Announcement regarding New Firearms Policy

Members of Hive13,Tonight, the Board has voted to adapt two new policies regarding firearms in Hive13. Below are the full texts that were adopted, which are effective immediately: Concealed carry policy:
Hive13 prohibits firearms, ammunition, and explosives within the facility, except for securely holstered and concealed firearms carried by a concealed carry license (Ohio CCW or reciprocal equivalent) holder. Failure to keep a firearm securely holstered or intentionally revealing a concealed firearm while at Hive13 is grounds for termination of membership and expulsion from the facility.
Firearm modification addendum:
Modification and manufacturing of many firearm components and accessories are controlled by Federal, State, and Local law. Hive13 does not have any licenses or permits for modification or manufacture of controlled firearm components or accessories. As such, Hive13 facilities may not be used for manufacturing or modification of any prohibited items, or items for which permits and licenses are required by law, regardless of whether the individual has such permits or licenses.We please ask that all discussion relating to the adopted Hive13 firearm policy or future revisions happen under this Discourse post or the corresponding Slack thread in #leadership_discussion for organizational purposes.Thank you,
Kate Cook
President, Hive13