Board and Officer Nominations 2018

Please respond in this thread for board and officer nominations.


My attendance to the next meeting is questionable due to impending travel. I will nominate myself for a board member position.

I’ll nominate myself for COO.

I will not be running for officer nor board this year. I would like to spend more time and energy acting as the fablab warden and a helpful member. I have enjoyed being on the leadership, but do not want to over-commit myself in the next year as I continue to recover from illness and job burnout as a government employee.

I would like to encourage someone new to step up in my place, especially someone who has not served in this role before. Hive13 always benefits from the infusion of new ideas.

Lorin, You had been a Director correct?

I’ll put my name forward for a Board of Directors position if no one else who isn’t already one steps up to fill the space.

Board Member and Secretary, although my non-presence at meetings since my first surgery in October has pretty much resulted in Ryan being the Secretary since then. Thank you Ryan, you are a mensch.

I self nominate for a board member position and propose to maintain my role as CNC warden.

I self-nominate to continue to serve as Treasurer and as a Board Member - Jim Dallam

I’ll self nominate to be president for another term. (Might have to setup term limits😀)


I nominate myself to run for a board position.

I nominate myself for a board position

I will self-nominate for CTO once again.

  • Ian B.

I will place myself in the running for board and secretary.

  • Ry