Board and Officer Election and Nominations


After our failed election at our annual meeting in July work was slow on the bylaws, but we are now scheduled to try elections again.

The elections for the board and officers will occur on the same night as the bylaw vote in approximately three weeks on Tuesday, November 27th.

If you would like to vote by proxy if you can not make the meeting please send me an email and on the Friday before the election/ bylaw meeting I will send out a voting form. (Student, full, and cornerstone members only)

We have the following positions up for election:
5 board members
Chief Operation Officer
Chief Technical Officer

If you would like to run for any of these positions you must reply to this email with the positions you are running for. The deadline is Tuesday, November 20th at 11:59pm. At midnight I will send a list of all nominees for each position.

The elections will occur according to the bylaws that get voted on directly beforehand at this meeting.

Since I created this email I suppose I might as well be the first up!

I am running for a board position and for COO (Chief Operations Officer).

I would like to nominate William J. Steele for president. :slight_smile: (let’s see if he reads the google group! hahaha)

Steele for Pres!

I am running for Treasurer again.

I’m not real keen on nominating presidents, I would just like some people to volunteer.

Also I don’t know if it has been mentioned but I know we discussed that there be a training period. For instance I’m already Treasurer but if someone else gets the position there will be an overlap/training time period of a few months.

Oh, sorry for everyone who is unaware: Bill is quite vocal about not having any responsibilities with running the hive, I was just joking around!

Oh, ok. I thought you were just throwing him under the bus. Good to know you were. lol.

Darn, and here I was about to second the nomination.

Im going to nominate myself for CTO.

I’m nominating myself for Board again.


I’m nominating myself for president. I think I also heard Jim say he would run against me…

Yep, just want to remind everyone that tonight is the last night to run for an office.

So far for officers we have:
President - Hodapp and Jim (Jim said verbally, I will let him decide if he actually wants to)
Secretary - Paul (also gave verbal confirmation, if he doesn’t want to he can say)
Treasurer - Craig
CTO - Dave Blundell
COO - Me! (Jon)

List the members running for the Board? :slight_smile:

I’ll do board again but only if there are not others who want to.

I will also run for president this term.


I will…

…sit back and relax knowing good people are taking charge here. Awesome!

Sweet, Jim as president! That’s a shoe in.

I’m a day late to run for board again officially, so that means I have to do it next Tuesday, right?

Yep, that is correct. The only office that will go up to vote is president. I am now COO, Dave B. is CTO, Craig is still Treasurer, and I (assume) that Paul is still secretary.

As to who is running for board currently:
Dave Menninger

So we need at least three more people to run at the election.

K, sign me up.

Just to clarify, everyone running still does have to be voted in, but they will run unopposed (except for board and president of course).

I can’t be there Tuesday the 27th but I would like to vote. Is there a phone in option or something online?

I’m going to be a judge for a First Lego League tournament at NKU and that evening is the training and organizational meeting for the event. I think at least one other hive13 member is going too.

If you still need members fot the board…I’m here in CVG for another year…might as well throw my hat into the ring.