Blowers, fans, squirrel cage fans

I am in huge need of some carpet dryer style electric blowers, fan assemblies, or furnace blower motors / squirrel cage assembly. I have to assembly a few air filtration setups while we are working on stuff at the house. The extra dust and such has been screwing with my airways and sinuses pretty good to where I get nonstop nose bleeds. Essentially I use these framed into a setup that I can use really good rated dust/allergen furnace filters. Buying high cfm style systems that meet the need I have right now are through the freaking roof expensive and most of the units have filters that ate not so universal and crazy expensive as well.

I might have to harbor frieght the blowers is worse comes to worse. If anyone has extra coupons for harbor freight I would greatly appreciate it. Depending on the size of fans / blowers I will try to throw together some plans for a filter housing / box. Im not dealing with any flammables or excessive dust, I just have to try to keep the air as allergen/ pet hair / dust free due with having to use the cpap at night.

I dono if our contact at the surplus/ re purposeing store might have anything as well. I lost my contract info for him/them.

Thanks everyone!

Lauren showed me a good idea for air filtering. It’s a window box fan with a high efficiency air filter from Home depot.

The trick is making a cardboard or plywood adapter for the inlet side to force the airflow through the filter. Tape and suction help seal the filter to the fan.

Box fans are cheap and a box of 20 in by 30 in filters is $35 for 10 filters.

You can just put one in the middle of a room to filter out dust. It ain’t HEPA but it’s pretty good.