blinking badge - artwork

While giving the tour last Tuesday, one of our guests gave me some advice on the badge from a design standpoint. She said that there was no need for the logo to actually go to the edge, and that if it didn’t, it would actually stand out more and give more room for the other text.

I have to confess, I only make the little hexes line up with the big ones because… MATH!

I did a mockup and I believe she was right. So, what other aesthetic considerations have I missed? Is the single LED at the top the way to go? Should it be somewhere else? Should the text say something else?

Because it’s a hugepain to do it in eagle, I’m going to do any mockups as SVG files and not going to make the adjustment in the actual board files until we settle on something. Dave and others working on the advanced version, please take note that the positioning of the silk screen artwork will most likely change.

badge mockup.svg(for some reason, the text renders incorrectly when I put the SVG as an inline image, I’ve attached the file as well)

badge mockup.svg

I would have to agree…the black trim around the logo looks nice.

badge mockup.svg