Blender Projects

Hey Hive members! Now that my show is done and over for the rest of the semester I thought I should peruse 3D modelling again!
Im an armature at it so Ive been trying to teach myself blender through youtube tutorials.

I was curious if anyone else has experience with Blender and if so could I see the various things you’ve done with it?

Heres a few things Ive done while to learn and practice with Blender 2.8

unknown (2).pngplant n box.jpg

I dabble a bit in it myself - but I have mostly focused on the shading/rendering rather than the modeling side. I just picked it up recently after the update that brought things like Eevee. I really need to learn modeling better…

Below are a couple things I rendered in Blender (with Cycles, not Eevee). The geometry came from some homebrew mesh-generation code for procedural geometry.