bio @hive13?

Wasn’t there talk of doing something along these lines? Mike?


I’m still following the DIY-Bio movement! BioCurious in San Francsisco is also doing cool stuff, and the “Glowing Plant” kickstarter guys have been drawing a lot of attention. I think it would be awesome to do some DIYBio at the hive but my time (and money) has been spent on other things…if other members are serious about the idea, we could make it happen. A full-blown biolab requires lots of $$ and possibly biosafety certification, but there’s also projects at the cheap and simple end to start out.


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Hah! Dave has a slightly different definition for “nice” than I do.

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As for the bio lab, I think it sounds like a lot of fun and if we could somehow incorporate a photo dark lab into it that could allow the space to serve multiple purposes.

That said, we are starting to run up against floor space limitations and I am not sure where we would locate it.

Incorporating a dark lab for photo sounds good to me, especially because some bio applications such as fluorescence microscopy also benefit from a dark room. Floor space would definitely be an issue though…