Bigger Paint Booth vs. Planned Welding Shop Improvements

Hey everyone, before the paint booth vote closes and we start spending money and building stuff, I would REALLY like for there to be some dialogue about what the actual plan is, and if it fits the best utilization of our space. I started this as a seperate thread to avoid clogging the vote thread.

The plan that Dave posted for vote includes taking a rather significant chunk of our welding shop and dedicating it to use only as a paint and finish spraying area, with new walls and doors.

This would put a significant cramp on existing plans for welding shop improvement (which were discussed when we laid out the plans for the new building, and why we dedicated so much space to welding). The planned additions include:

CNC Plasma Cutter
Sheet metal brake and shear (previously voted yes, but never got bought)
grinding and polishing area
Ring roller for tube and angle
Slip roll for sheet metal

For those awesome things to fit, we really need to welding shop to stay the size it is.

For the same cost as the walls in Dave’s proposal, we could buy duct to bring ventilation to and from the existing paint room, without sacrificing the planned additions to the welding shop.

Please, I’d really like to hear people’s feelings on this, to see where the rest of the membership’s priorities lay. Unless there is obvious consensus around one of the two options, I’d like to see a secondary vote to the budget vote posted, where we vote on wether to work with the space allocation we have now, or to convert that 200+ sq. Ft. From welding shop use to painting use.