Big New Crosscut Sled (not finished, please treat it gently)

I made a big (40" wide x 15" deep) new Crosscut sled for the table saw this evening out of want for a quick helpful project. However, it is not finished, the rear support has not been trimmed and installed, so it is not very stable when being lifted off the table. If you need to use the table saw before I am able to finish it, PLEASE BE CAREFUL SO IT DOES NOT GET BROKEN IN HALF.

The rear fence is two pieces of MDF thick, so it would be perfect to put a double T-Track on top with a measure tape in one so you can set a stop block at whatever distance you need from the blade.

Let me know if anyone has any other ideas for improvement!


Kevin McLeod

Cool, thanks for making it.
I might suggest a post it on the sled also in case someone doesn’t read the group.


I did put a sign on it. I should be in this evening to finish it up, but it will be later in the evening.

The new crosscut sled is done and ready to be used, I feel like it came together pretty well.

I have built it with one side having a full length fence, and the opposite side having a small fence.

I have plans to build a frame mitering sled that fits on the small side if no one objects to me using the half piece MDF that is behind the scrap rack for the purpose.