Big laser

I am going to be going through some of my gas cylinders from when I had my repair shop and other various projects. Wow coming up with a way to make a silent compressor for the big laser and working on getting parts together for proof of concept I had an idea to throw in fire suppression as well. If I end up having a decent size co2 tank would anyone like the idea of having a purge option added to the big laser and case a decent fire her to start and it were unattended. I'm not looking to have it be automatically triggered but have a regulator already set to wear you would just turned the tank on and leave the lid shut thus starving it of oxygen? If any of you have dealt with hots smoldering fires and the second you live the lid and induce a bunch of oxygen you can have a very large flare up. Are little co2 fire extinguisher is very slick however to use it you have to lift the lid which could be bad as well as deal with the high velocity pressure blowing embers. I know this is worse case scenario as well as a really good option to the wood if there is a decent fire in the laser. If I end up having the tank I already have regulators and the lines to run in the purge lines. At worse we might loose 10 bucks in c02 lol but save many other items. I'm open for criticism :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great idea.

ABC fire extinguishers often are corrosive… so for a precision instrument, the C02 might save a minor whoopsie from become a total wreck. Cleanup wise? Oh yeah, that powder stuff gets everywhere too.

I am all for it!

This sounds good.

One thing that stands out, are people running the laser unattended? I was taught that this was not allowed.

I’m not running it unattended, but I don’t have absolute faith that everybody else is, or that they don’t get distracted, or go to the bathroom or whatever. :slight_smile: Seems better to make it idiot resistant.


Cool, glad to see there is interest. I am not able to make it to the meeting tonight as I am finishing up work that needs done at the house. I’m hoping to be able to go through my shop stuff sometime in the next 2 weeks after I get they have members car done