Big Laser - Update

Two things to update you all about the Big Laser

  1. The air nozzle has been rebuilt. It is longer and has a smaller exit hole. Net result is a strong blast of air on the cut.
    Please don’t mess with it by adding duct tape. You can only mess up the mirror and lens alignment.
    If the red alignment laser needs adjustment, use an allen wrench to loosen and tighten the screws.

  2. There have been recent days where the z datum didn’t work right. It was probably and innocent download of a bad change to the config file. The cure is to restore the config files. CFG.MOL, CFG.TXT, Laser.ini and syscfg.ini
    Make sure to restore both the C:\Easycut5.3\ and C:\Lasercut5.3\ on the laser cutting PC.
    See the HIVE13 Wiki entry Laser Troubleshooting. Others have come this way before.

Please don’t hit the Download CFG button on the Easycut5.3 download screen unless you know what you are doing. You can accidentally hose up the configs.


Thanks for all your work.

That’s excellent! Well done

Hooray Dave!

Now we need to refill the co2 canister.