Big Laser Status?

Hello gang,

A class mate of mine is interested in joining the Hive at some point in the future once he can clear up the time to come down and meet some of the people. In the meantime, after I gave him a quick tour of the Hive not to long ago, he expressed to me that he wanted to request if it were possible to borrow the use of the big laser for a project he is working on. I believe he mentioned it to be a wood project, and that he actually does have his own laser cutter that he uses, but it doesn’t fit. A couple questions:

  1. Is the laser currently in working order? I’m not quite sure what its status is as of late.

  2. It’s his project, but I’d be spotting him the minutes for him, and I would be the one driving, so to speak. Are members given a free stipend of minutes as part of their dues? I seem to remember that being a thing, although I may have misunderstood when it was explained.

  3. I took a Hive class on the laser a while back, but I honestly can’t remember the setup and my name isn’t on the list of approved users anyway. Is there a chance that there is any documentation for the big laser floating around anywhere that I could read, and/or is it possible that someone could show me how to use the laser again (possibly get certified)?

Thank you all in advance,

Tim W.

  1. yes

  2. If it’s a big project, 20 min +, let’s talk. Otherwise, yes, there are allotted free minutes per month (not sure exact number).

  3. There is documentation on the wiki. Myself or many other folks can help get you refreshed as well.

Sounds good. By chance, is anyone that is trained on the laser planning to come down to the game day tomorrow?

If I end up actually being free tomorrow, I will be going to the game day! I am a trainer for the lasers, so I could help out if I’m there.


I’m not sure if we have updated the instructions to show that the big laser does not need the airline anymore. It has a dedicated air pump that is on when the laser is powered up. This will allow the big laser to run after hours since the big air compressor won’t be required. Doesn’t mean it can be run unattended though. :flushed::fire:

Good to know. It’s looking like I’ll be able to get up to speed on laser things on Saturday, then maybe get my classmate’s project banged out on Monday or sometime. I’ll see what can happen, schedules sure are fun to work around…