Big Laser Status Update 9/22

The Big Laser is Almost a Laser Again.

Done Tasks

Installed Mirrors and Lenses
Install Leetro Controller and LaserCut2017
Checked 220 VAC wiring, keyswitch, estop, power supplies. Found and replaced burned out fuse.

Gantry LED Lighting now works

RedDot aiming Laser now works

Rehung the cabinet doors

Chiller is plumbed to run through both lasers

Exhaust fan is attached

NOTE: If you are going to use the Small laser Sunday night 9/22, Plug the chiller and exhaust fan in to the Yellow 220 Outlet box. (Ieft them unplugged)

To Do Tasks:

Make adapter bezel for mAmmeter and install - Laser cut on small laser or 3D print. We need this NOW

Hook up air line feed

Install belts on X and Y drives
Test Power Supplies, stepper drivers, stepper motors and limit switches. (probably will do Monday)

Test fire old laser tube - Maybe install new tube.

Align Laser, mirrors and lens - this task needs two people to go faster

Test cuts

Tasks to do after the laser is up and running.

Install replacement lid struts
Install Ruida Controller - It’s ordered and due in by October 10
Document LightBurn use
Train Members on new updates to Laser Cutter

If no one has done it by Tuesday, I’ll make the bezel.