Big Laser improvements

I installed a “helper” strut for the big laser tonight.
Big Laser Struts front.jpgBig Laser Struts side.jpg

Things seem to be a bit better. I think with the second one on the other side the lid will be fully supported. I’ll try and install the 2nd on this weekend.
For now please continue to use the support brace.
Thanks to Heath and Franklin for the help. (To those that said it wouldn’t work - :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Glad to see that “spacer” worked. Maybe I can take that chunk of aluminum I got from the mill/lathe class to make 2 spacers.


Big Laser Struts front.jpg

Big Laser Struts side.jpg

Ha. I was thinking the same thing. We could actually make a single piece that has the hole for the strut end and connects to the laser frame.


I installed the other strut Friday. The lid is self supporting (stays up) but just barely.
I’ll see if there are stronger struts in the same size but I’m leaning toward a counterbalance.
Basically an angle iron brace that sticks out horizontally toward the back when the lid is up. We could load it up with some weights and balance the lid. I’ll see if I can draw something up.

I installed the 40lb struts today.
What was supposed to be a drop in replacement turned into a 1-1/2 hour hack job.
Thanks to Matt for the help.
We had to grind off the ball sockets to get the 10mm ball mounts out.
Anyway, the new stuts fully support the big laser lid. I don’t feel unsafe using it now.
It still slams down the last few inches, maybe put some buffers near the front.
Continual Improvement.

Sorry I have not got around to posting, they used the stiches im allergic to thus a bad infection and tesrng the oitside stiches apart.

While grabbing a solenoid for a medical bed they gave a linear actuator that can be instaled via quick connect. This being able to open and close the lid by using or not using it so it woul not impead function.

Big Laser Struts V2.jpg

Big Laser Struts V2B.jpg