Big Laser down

Hey all,

just wanted to let you all know that the big laser is down at the moment.

As I understand it the nozzle fell off and caused the laser to strike the proximity sensor. I’m not quite sure if it’s just the proximity sensor that was damaged, or if anything else was damaged as well.

This is also a shout out to anyone who knows how to work on the laser to help me get it fixed up, as I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to try to fix it myself.

I believe there was also talks to redesign the nozzle, as the only thing that holds it on is a small screw. So maybe that’s something we can work on as well.

Thanks all!

The sensor has been ordered, and should be here in the next 4 or 5 days.

If someone really needs to big laser sooner, we can take the little one out of commission by switching over the sensor to the big one (they are the same), although that is a bit of work.