Bidding the LaserJet 5si Farewell

I acquired a new (to us) LaserJet 4200 at the UC surplus sale yesterday. This machine is significantly smaller and faster than our current LaserJet 5si, and should serve to replace it completely.

Please feel free to begin using this new printer immediately. It is on the network at and has been made the default for the CAD and Laser workstations.

The LaserJet 4200 may be found on the kitchen counter next to the light switches until I have a chance to fabricate a new printer stand.

If anyone is interested in taking on the fabrication of said stand as a good beginner metal or wood working project, please let me know. I would be willing to provide materials and any instruction that may be needed. I will otherwise attempt to zap something together in the metal room next week.

Happy printing.

- Ry

I would love to help