beta night

What is “beta night”, the event that happens Mondays from 7-9?

I’m hoping the answer will somehow lead to “someone will be there that can watch me drive the laser so I can be certified to use it.” Tiffany already gave me the class, I just need to actually sit in the drivers seat and prove I can follow directions. Would tonight be an appropriate time?

I changed the name of MakerBot Monday to “Beta Night” when I had to reduce my commitment to being there around a year ago. At that time there was some general group commitment to have someone be there on Monday evenings in my stead, but it is no longer the purview of any one person.

I made the name “Beta Night” for two ( or three ) reasons.

  1. It is an alternate or “B” night as opposed to the primary or “A/alpha” night which is Tuesday. It is a time when you can come an reasonably expect people to be there, but the character of the night is people doing their own thing.

  2. It is a night to work on things that are “Beta” or experimental. A night to try out new ideas. Tuesday is a good night to show of projects, talk with others, have presentations. Monday is a good night to goof around and try new things.

2b) “Beta Night” itself is now experimental due to its transition from a chaperoned, MakerBot-themed night, to being a more open-ended non-committal night.

If we’ve reached the point where it is unlikely that anyone will be there on Monday nights, we can remove it from the calendar since it could be confusing people.

Is anyone out there willing to “adopt” Monday night?


This sounds like a useful night to have. Instead of removing it from the calendar (unless no one is actually showing up), I would suggest adding a description field.

As a side note while we are at it what exactly is Junk Salvage day ? Been kind of curious about that one as well 0=)

I’d go out on a limb as something like a day when people tear down poor defenseless junk for its innered for scraping and salvaging into other purposeful uses

This is another thing that should be considered for calendar removal. We used to have a lot more junk and regular junk salvage/purges were required. We’re doing better about aquiring less crap, so this isn’t such a necessity. Should probably discuss at meeting.

Hmm, junk salvage day was originally one of my initiatives when we were first trying to reduce clutter around the hackerspace.

The space is in pretty damn good shape thanks to a lot of hard effort by a number of people, especially Jon Neal.

I concur w/ Dave B. that it can get removed from the calendar (and since I added it in the first place, I feel no guilt nixing it).

Hmm, apparently Dave Menninger created the actual event on the calendar, but I am still deleting it.

Perhaps we should instead change it to a monthly “clean up the space” day? It could use always use more cleaning than it gets. Things like vacuuming, taking out trash, etc. I think we should discuss this at meeting. No one gets excited over cleaning but an undue amount of it ends up falling on Jon’s shoulders.


Sorry, we missed by one week. I was running the laser at the HIVE
last Monday night. I've been showing up on random Monday, Wednesday,
and/or Thursday nights these past few weeks to do CinD-LOU work, but
never on any consistent schedule and never with any advance planning.
I'll try to let you know on an upcoming night.


Thanks Jim. If time permits and there is someone around tonight maybe they can look over my shoulder, if not I’m sure it will work out soon.

I feel confident I understand enough not to break anything, I just want to make sure everyone ELSE shares that confidence by my being certified and appearing on “allowed to fire the laser” list. Ditto for a few other other tools (like the band saw and the eggbot).

I have a couple of sheets that I’m going to cut out tonight if you want to watch. I’ll be there right after work… about 5:30pm.